Community Outreach

Angel Horses provides the perfect horses for Equine Interaction Activities

Equine Interaction activities provide an opportunity for participants to engage with a non-human. Horses do not judge our thoughts, feelings or emotions. They allow us to learn new skills and allow us to just be ourselves.

Participants become confident in their abilities to master and control themselves in their environment. They develop confidence in others who can help them master skills. Trust and friendship are generated between staff, participants and the horses through activities centered on the animal’s needs and the participant’s desire to interact with and nurture the horse.


Emotional benefits are fostered through simple time spent with the horse. Participants will often connect to an animal more easily than to another person. Horses have the ability to be present but not intrusive. They can be encouraging, supportive and naturally intuitive to the mood of those around them.

Cognitive benefits are limitless. Anatomy and physiology, health and hygiene, nutrition and grooming are just part of the educational opportunities encountered in the barn environment.
Participants use judgment and reasoning in working around horses. This enhances the ability to use judgment and reasoning when interacting with other forces in other environments.

Social benefits are cultivated through common experiences. Respect, boundaries, self-responsibility and safety for others and the horse are encouraged in order to maximize the equine experience. A group of participants will share in the same activities and observations but each individual will take away their own understanding of the event.

Physical benefits are achieved through grooming the horse., leading the horse and even cleaning up after the horse. Participants are encouraged to assist in all aspects of horse care and farm chores, which can challenge fine and gross motor skills, balance, strength, endurance and hand-eye coordination.