Angel Horses is a place of possibilityhorse-pic-home

…where beautiful, generous animals that could otherwise have a terrible end at auctions or slaughterhouses have a peaceful place to live out their
…where humans come to experience the magic of connecting with such sensitive beings.


Why did we create Angel Horses?

The horses who inspired the creation of Angel Horse retirement have excelled in taking care of many people; children who have been abused, some who live with cancer or other serious illnesses, adults who are dealing with life altering accidents or illness and some people who may just need encouragement.

We are a group of individuals dedicated to ensuring that these horses receive the love and care that they so richly deserve. The horses continue to be involved in the teaching and enrichment of the lives of many people.

Angel Horses is located in West Granby, Connecticut. We continue to develop the farm to provide more trails and places to work, but the facility is horse and people ready!
Pam Traun